Here are a few of my "award winners" and some images from Cape San Blas, FL.

This is probably one of my all-time favorite images. It is the suspension bridge at the very top of Grandfather Mountain, more that one mile high. What makes this image is the couple on the bridge and the bright yellow jacket (hard to see at this resolution). This image was awarded first place in a recent critique at the Roswell Photographic Society. So don't leave your camera at home when it's foggy!

Dawn in the Smoky Mountains. I like the light on grass in the foreground, yet the trees in the background are subdued. This image won a Purchase Award in the Slow Exposures competition recently, and is on permanent display in the Pike Count (GA) Library.

              This ominous image was taken in the "machine Room at the Roswell Mill. It recently won first place at an RPS (Roswell Photographic Society) critique. Before a tall, chain link fence was constructed, "street artists" had their way with the interior. The building at one time housed the water-powered wheels which drove the mill's machinery. The RPS arranged for some of us to shoot in there recently. The camera (Canon 10D) was placed on a tripod for a 2 second exposure. I took the flash off the camera and manually fired the flash while the shutter was open. Being digital, I could see the effects of each attempt, and several shots were made to get the flash exposure correct.

This was taken in St. Joseph State Park on the end of Cape San Blas. I got a series of images of this Blue Heron as I "flushed" him from the tall grass. His loud screech let me know he was not too pleased about it. Sea birds are quite plentiful on Cape San Blas, particularly in the park.

I find Cardinals at home very difficult to photograph because they're so skittish. Yet, in St. Joseph State Park, this one flew onto a branch directly in front of me! So this literally was a "snap" shot.

Dawn at the docks in downtown Apalachicola. A shrimp boat awaits another journey into the gulf to bring back the succulent Aplalchicola shrimp.

Some would say that this image is too busy, that there's no single point to catch your eye, and blah, blah. Maybe so. But it does capture the busy, colorful and cluttered nature of the shimp boat docks in Apalachicola. These docks are on a creek just west of town, and are home to many shrimp boats of all sizes and condition. Some make you wonder what keeps them floating (one wasn't), and how anybody is able to work safely on them with the viscious looking winches, cables, booms, nets, and even holes in the deck.

Shrimping is a hard life. Most people are in it now because they grew up doing it and know nothing else. While netting 700 or 800 pounds of shrimp a night sounds great, it's hard to get a decent price for it. Just go to the store and price fresh Apalachicola shimp against the frozen imported (bleah!) stuff. I say, support your local Apalachicola shimp!

This is one of those "awwwwww" images. Deer abound in St. Joseph State Park, and they are not very afraid of humans. This was shot from the drivers side of the car. These two were part of a small herd of five that were just munching grass on the side of the road.


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