Images of Costa Rica

A spectacular sunset over lake Arenal, near the Arenal Volcano.
This image and the next were taken from the same spot, but this one was taken last. It's amazing how the light changes.







Another view of the sunset at Lake Arenal. Note the wind turbines on the far ridge. They're hard to see at this resolution.






Locally known as the "Monkey Road," this horrifically rough trail winds its way between Potrero and Nuevo Colon. This is one of the smoother sections, and no, we didn't see any monkeys.







The beautiful falls on the Arenal river. These falls are an easy hike (about a mile) from the Arenal Observatory Lodge. The lodge was established to accommodate scientists after Arenal's surprise eruption in 1968.

Yet another sunset! This one is of the Pacific coast at the tiny village of Potrero, in northwestern Coasta Rica. This image was taken from a friend's home which sits on a 500-foot bluff. Quite a view!









A Palm leaf. This image combines strong graphic lines with subtle color and texture.




This is the Arenal Volcano, from the Observatory Lodge, less than a mile away. The lodge is protected from lava flows by the deep river valley at the base of the mountain. The volcano is still spewing smoke and rocks the size of trucks. The red-hot rocks are spectacular at night as they spew out of the crater and tumble down the side of the mountain.

Vultures are very common in Coast Rica. I cought this one drying it's wings early one morning on the "Monkey Road."

This was taken near the "Crocodile Bridge" over the Tarcoles River, south of Puntarenas. We counted 17 crocs under the bridge. If you go, don't go under the bridge. As we were told, if the robbers don't get you, the crocs will."

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