Colorado - Images of Winter Park, Frasier, and Rocky Mountain National Park.

I couldn't resist this snapshot of my wife (left) and her sister at the top of Winter Park ski resort.






This is a panarama from the top of Winter Park, taking in about 160 degrees. It is made up of about five individual images taken with the Canon G3 (using stitch assist mode) then stitched together in the computer. Even though the images were taken handheld, the stitching is just about perfect.



This is a real "motel" in Frasier, CO, catering to the budget skier - obviously. Needless to say, we were not Staying there.

An old store in the authentic western town of Georgetown - colorful buildings, western bars, etc. Georgetown is directly beside I70, but when we were there (February) it was more like a ghost town. It becomes really croweded in the summer, I hear.

A ray of sunlight punches through the snow showers overlooking Grand Lake, near Rocky Mountain National Park.

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